Strategic Partnership Step From İtalian Worldwide Player Fratelli Cosulich Group And Turkish Successful Loligtics Company Mesco İnternational Forwording İnc

Mesco International Forwarding Inc, Turkish company that specializes in mining transportation and has been serving in the logistics sector for 15 years with an innovative perspective, is now the 112 companies of Fratelli Cosulich Group, a worldwide player in the shipping and logistics industry.


Mesco has been serving in the international transportation sector since 2008 with its strong agency network that can serve with all transportation modes, has operational experiences, maintains customer and supplier satisfaction in a very balanced way, and has distinct knowledge of the procedures of different countries. The company, headquartered in Izmir and has branches in Istanbul and Mersin. Since the first day, it continues to grow rapidly with a corporate, technological, contemporary, trend-following, energetic and young corporate culture. Mesco, which carries out air, land and sea transportation. 


Actually, “Whether it’s sea, land or air, trust someone who knows them all” is the corporate claim of Fratelli Cosulich Group that through its subsidiary company, Fratelli Cosulich Turkey is now proud to announce to have acquired the 51 of shares of Mesco International Forwarding on September 2022.


This delightful news was announced at the Izmir Logistech Fair. Through this M&A transaction, Mesco's innovative, energetic and technological strength with Fratelli Cosulich's deep-rooted history and experience in the industry.


Müge Tekin Doğan, Director of Mesco International Transportation Inc. said, “We believe that with this partnership with Fratelli Cosulich, Mesco will gain strength both in Turkey and around the world. Since the establishment of our company, we have been taking steps to grow in different areas and we are confident that we will continue to make noise with our success in the logistics sector with this partnership”.


"Fratelli Cosulich Turkey is just one of our many businesses, which also include affiliates, subsidiaries, and joint ventures. We already provide here in Turkey, trucking, logistics, chartering and freight forwarding services.” according to Fratelli Cosulich Group CEO and President Augusto Cosulich. "The purchase of Mesco shares is a confirmation that we remain steadfast in our commitment to investing with a long-term perspective of generating additional synergies, business opportunities, and employment opportunities while maintaining the company's current successful locations. We are glad to have MESCO and its staff on board now.”

Kaynak: (BYZHA) – Beyaz Haber Ajansı

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